Friday, 14 February 2014

YouTube promotes top tracks

I've been trying to decide which music streaming service to subscribe to for a couple of days now, I've got Bloom.FM or Google Play Music All Access to choose from. Both have a months free trial waiting for me which is very handy as I'll be able to try them out side by side. Google are also set to be releasing a new music subscription service with YouTube, that itself will probably be exciting. Until such a time though a new update will see a new section to the right when you search for a particular artist. 

A list of the group or artists most popular songs will be made available by default, as you can see with Duran Duran you get quick access to some of their super songs. You will also get  a link to their videos and a thumbnail image where you can get a shortcut to a custom playlist, from there you'll be able to listen to every song, one after the other. 

With Google Play Access already out there it will be interesting to see how they do model the alleged YouTube model, will they add a few pounds more for video and audio or will it work completely different?

Source - The Next Web 

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