Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Android Pay coming to the UK end of March

Had it not been a leap year we would saying at the end of this month. At long last it looks like Google will be releasing Android Pay for the UK market.

Apple have been way ahead on this, Barclays have beaten other banks even if it is for their Credit Card customers but at long last mobile payments will be headed to your Android device. Samsung are set to release Samsung Pay later too.

I use my debit card a lot for contactless payments and whilst I'll be giving Android Pay a try I'm not sure it will be quicker or easier to use.

Keep in mind that The Telegraph are referring to  industry sources and nothing official from anyone official.

BBC Music App

The BBC have pushed out another app that brings a host of music and interviews to your samrtphone.

Here's what the BBC Music app is all about:
Get personal: Set your personal preferences and enjoy your favourite music content, whenever and wherever you are. Based on this, the app will also recommend more audio and video clips and playlists that you might be interested in

Listen and watch: It is your personalised feed of the latest audio and video live performances and interviews from across the BBC
Discover: Follow and find new music via BBC curated playlists from your favourite shows, presenters and events

Find a track: Quickly find any track played on BBC Radio from the last seven days

Export and listen: Add music tracks to your own personal music list and export it to our existing partners Spotify, Deezer and YouTube to listen to them in full. Simply add a song to ‘My Tracks’ and select a streaming partner by tapping their logo

Sadly no Google Play or Chromecast support but for those of you who would like to see it it'll be a good ideas to leave feedback in the reviews. To get involved you'll need 4.1 and up. Get it here - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.bbc.music

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Data Rollover from iD

Remember the days when unused allowances would roll over to the following month? A long time ago I hear you cry and +iD​​ from Carphone Warehouse have brought it back to life back to life for their GoTo plans for new and existing customers. It's for data only mind but still it's a super offer.

Each month any data that you haven't used rolls over to the following month and gets used up first. It's as easy as that.

You'll find all the deals available on their website here - http://goo.gl/PDEtKW .

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App update - Google.Maps

if the latest update to Google Maps has hit your device and you're in the Google Local Guides programme you'll have a few more features than those who aren't.

Under settings there is a new option to show all the official Google Local Guides communities. Tap the option 'Google Local Guides' and you'll be taken straight to a Maps showing all official and unofficial Google Local Guides communities. If you tap the 'i' under settings you can choose to show either or both official and unofficial Google Local Guides communities.

When looking at the location of the communities tapping them will throw up an option to view that particular community here on Google+. Whilst in Maps view you can also toggle off the location of communities via a toggle to the bottom of your screen.

Under 'Your Contributiins' as was mentioned only a day or so ago pictures you leave with any reviews now show up with the text and if there are any questions to be answered about any individual place you will see and be able to answer them with a single tap of your screen.

If you're in the Dorset area here in the UK take a look at this unofficial Google Local Guides community - https://goo.gl/5x2Frm - and get involved.

Google Play Music gifts

A little discount if you're thinking of giving a  Google Play Music subscription. The deal runs until Feb 15th if you're really stuck for or feel the need to do Valentines.
Head over to Google Play here - https://goo.gl/kAElXF- and if you want you could even send yourself the gift. Just send it to your own Google account associated with Google Play and save yourself some dosh.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Messenger gets its own Wear app


More precisely it will once Android Wear gets bumped to Android 6.0. Seeing as Hangouts has Its own Wear app it makes sense for Messenger to have one especially as not everyone is using Hangouts to carry their SMS requirements.

Only a few weeks back Hangouts had an update and in that update was an option to try Messenger. Many reckon that SMS will be removed from Hangouts.

Either way Messenger is my way of doing SMS and a dedicated Wear app is long overdue. When it does show up it'll be a scaled down version of the current app very much like Keep does.

There are some hardcore fans of Hangouts out there who won't want to see SMS go but whatever happens Google needs to get something done and stick with it.

App update - Snapseed

A brilliant app and one that has been updated with a few extra handy features. To start those of you with a device that has an SD card you can now move the app to one to save a little space on your device.

Here's what else is new:

Lens Blur: automatic face detection and blur placement
Auto-Straighten: automatically adjust to the horizon
Improved in-filter help

Hopefully the update will make your photo editing journeys that little better.

Get the update via Google Play - https://goo.gl/sFmaaa

Android Wear Android 6.0 rolling out to Android Wear

Over the next few weeks your watch will be getting Android 6.0 and Messenger will then have its own micro app. Along with that Android Wear will be getting:

Navigate your watch with new gestures.Scrolling up and do
wn your card stream is as simple as flicking your wrist. Starting today you can also expand a card, bring up your apps, or return home to your watch face with a push, lift or shake. You'll be able to stay connected to what’s important, while keeping your phone (or other hand) in your pocket. 

Send more messages with just your voice.With Android Wear, you’ve always been able to get answers to spoken questions. Now you can also use your voice to send messages from apps like Google Hangouts,Nextplus, Telegram, Viber, WeChat, andWhatsApp. Running late for lunch? Just say “OK Google, Send a WhatsApp message to Nathan: I’ll be right there.”

Make calls and listen to messages with speaker support. Screening calls from your wrist is a nice convenience that comes with Android Wear. Thanks to speaker support, you can now make and take calls over Bluetooth. And you can listen to audio/video messages with apps like Glide. All you need is a watch with a speaker, which today includes the Huawei Watch and the ASUS ZenWatch 2 (49mm).

Nothing as of yet on my Urbane. You?

Read more on the Google Blog here - http://goo.gl/qWWHml

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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Moto 360 Sport will be available in the UK and France starting December 18

If you're in the US you'll have a few extra days before you get stuck in to your new years fitness regime. It'll be available on the 7th.

With all those other wearable devices out there what sets the Motorola 360 Sport out from the rest? Well here's what Motorola thinks will win you over and syncing your music and Podcasts from Google Play is one of them.

Designed for sport. Built to last: Push yourself to the limit without worrying about your watch. Strong silicone construction doesn’t absorb sweat and resists fading or staining, while side ventilation channels help you stay cool.
Built-in GPS keeps you going: Moto 360 Sport has built-in GPS that works seamlessly with Moto Body to measure your performance. Track your distance traveled, pace, lap times and more. There’s no need to carry your phone to know exactly how you’re doing.

Popular fitness apps Moto 360 Sport works seamlessly with Android fitness apps including MapMyRun, Under Armour Record , Strava, Google Fit and Fitbit™. Moto Body records your workout data and syncs with these apps, so your exercise history is always up to date.

Heart rate at a glance: Continuously track your heart rate during a run to monitor your performance. And with Moto Body, measure the time you spend in different heart rate zones to make sure you’re achieving your fitness goals
Brilliant, indoors and out: 

Motorola AnyLight is the world’s first hybrid display that lets you see things clearly both indoors and out. Indoors, it works like any beautiful LCD screen. Step outside and it reflects natural sunlight, making the screen easy to read.Better view. All the way around: On a watch face, every millimeter counts. The classic round design of Moto 360 Sport features edge-to-edge glass and an exceptionally thin bezel, giving you the most viewing area in the least amount of space.

Wear it for life: Moto 360 Sport gives you the power of Android Wear, so you can keep up with your entire life, not just your workouts. Read Gmail messages and calendar invites, reply to friends on WhatsApp, get up-to-the-minute traffic and weather reports, and so much more of what matters to you all while staying in the zone.

Music on the move: Sync your favourite playlists and podcasts from Google Play Music with your Moto 360 Sport, then listen to music on your run or at the gym without taking your phone along for the ride.

Just a little coaching: Receive spontaneous notifications throughout the day that keep you informed, up to date and inspired. Plus get a weekly email summarising your progress, or even more detailed information using the Moto Body phone app.

All day battery. Even in Ambient Mode: The new Moto 360 Sport gives you better battery life than ever before. Now with Ambient Mode turned on, the time is always visible and the battery still lasts an entire day.

Fitness addicts will probably like the sound of this. For now though my Urbane does the job. For those in Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico and Spain it'll be available later in the new year.

App update - Netflix

For a while now Netflix has been churning out some brilliant content and it's well worth the subscription. The superb Better Call Saul ​ is due February 2016.

The latest update had added a widget that serves to highlight all those shows you won't want to miss. The widget is a window to what's on and not a screen to watch. It does though look very nice as you can see.

It's rolling out now so should be hitting your device very shortly over on Google Play