Saturday, 13 February 2016

App update - Google.Maps

if the latest update to Google Maps has hit your device and you're in the Google Local Guides programme you'll have a few more features than those who aren't.

Under settings there is a new option to show all the official Google Local Guides communities. Tap the option 'Google Local Guides' and you'll be taken straight to a Maps showing all official and unofficial Google Local Guides communities. If you tap the 'i' under settings you can choose to show either or both official and unofficial Google Local Guides communities.

When looking at the location of the communities tapping them will throw up an option to view that particular community here on Google+. Whilst in Maps view you can also toggle off the location of communities via a toggle to the bottom of your screen.

Under 'Your Contributiins' as was mentioned only a day or so ago pictures you leave with any reviews now show up with the text and if there are any questions to be answered about any individual place you will see and be able to answer them with a single tap of your screen.

If you're in the Dorset area here in the UK take a look at this unofficial Google Local Guides community - - and get involved.