Tuesday, 24 November 2015

App update - All 4


With a 2.9 rating on Google Play All 4 doesn't sit all that well in the popularity stakes. For a Public Service Broadcaster it likes to get its teeth stuck in to those who appear on their news channel and brings some pretty hard hitting TV along with great drama and comedy. If the BBC wasn't such a pussy and got its money from another source other than threats of criminal prosecution their news and documentaries could be a little more meaty.

Devices just like the Google Chromecast are changing the way we watch 'TV'. Netflix, Amazon, NOW TV, HBO for US audiences and more allow you to watch what you want when you want and it's good to see Channel 4 get in on the act. 'TV' had changed so all the broadcasters need to change with it.

For a while now All 4 has had a beta app floating about and today the final version is available to download. By far the most asked for feature is Google Chromecast support. Those over on iOS have had the ability to stream content for a few months now which rattled a few cages.

The other new features include box sets, download for offline viewing and more.

All very nicely done. Get the update over on Google Play now.