Friday, 6 November 2015

Only download from Google Play

If you download an app called GoogleNow from some obscure website then you should expect to be in for a bit of trouble with the security of your device.

The latests round of compromised apps will get root access to your device. You will probably not be able to remove it and will either need to get the device flashed  or replaced. Both will be at your expense. 

These apps will carry out the same function as found on Google Play but will be popping up adverts to you. Lookout says they've already identified 20,000 apps that have been compromised including some big names such as Facebook, Candy Crush, Okta and more. 

Google have pointed out that the Samsung Galaxy S 6 Edge was left open to serious security flaws. Samsung are yet to push a final update out and with various networks to work with that could take sometime. The best way to keep things secure is to buy a Nexus and only download apps from Google Play and don't for a second think that Apple is any safer from attack. 

Source  - Lookout